Small Gift - Sanrio’s 50th birthday event in L.A.

Small Gift - Sanrio’s 50th birthday event in L.A.

It might seem weird that when my sister, my wife, and I brought our daughters to the Los Angeles installment of Small Gift, Sanrio's 50th anniversary event, that I would be the first person to see a friend. But it shouldn't have been unexpected. PK (another member of the Giant Robot softball team) also has a little girl. I told him, “Of course I'd bump into you here. This is where all the rad dads are.”

You've probably already been informed about the event by a trend spotter or gear blogger, but this was a function that I was proud to attend as a parent and not a hipster. When we entered Santa Monica Airport's Barkar Hanger (previously best known for hosting the Barneys Sale), Lucia and Eloise were agog at the colorful array of images of Hello Kitty and her friends. The balloons made the ceiling look more majestic than cavernous and the makeshift miniature golf course provided a center to the carnival-style booths along the room's perimeter.

Inevitably, the girls settled down and wanted to play some games. Tickets cost $2 and most of the games cost 1 or 2 of them. Lucia gave the spinner a whirll and won a first-place water bottle even though she preferred the third-place fan.

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