European Vacation Recap 4 - Milan

European Vacation Recap 4 - Milan

As a tourist, Milan was prossibly the least interesting stop on our journey. As part of our trip, it was key because Wendy's old roommate Nicola lives there. So we stayed at his flat, did some catching up, and wandered around for a few days. Like Rome, Florence, and Venice, Milan's center is its duomo. It had a more gothic look than the ones in the other cities, but was simlarly packed with people and pigeons.

The streets actually radiate from the plaza which was always full of pedestrians and shoppers, luxury boutiques and financial centers. I was often thinking about the layers of community and commerce that were built up around the churches in Italy.

At this point in our travels, fatigue and cold were setting in. Maybe we were getting jaded by the architecture and energy, as well. So we actually stopped, sat down, and paid the extra Euro or two to sip our coffees at caf

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