Baylor Asian Fest

Baylor Asian Fest

Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Asian Fest 2010. The kids are alright. That's what I have to say. You might not think about Waco, Texas for any reasons except for negative news in terms of mass destruction, or perhaps the greatness that's Britney Griner, the 6'8″ basketball player, but where there's students who have a positive attitude and who make the best of where they're at, then it all works out great. I'll admit I had a little apprehension in going to Waco. Where is it? What's there? Aside from personal disasters before hand which made me late for everything – and this rarely happens, I also missed the connecting flight in Dallas, Texas. This was out of my control. My talk was at 7:30, I was supposed to be picked up at my hotel at 6:30 and I was supposed to be there much earlier, but here I was in Dallas being driven to Waco at 5pm. It's about a 2 hour flat land ride which means, I get there right before my talk.

7pm, I'm at the hotel trying to get situated. My brain was still twisting from the last 12 hours of mayhem.

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