Theo Ellsworth at GR2

Theo Ellsworth at GR2

On Saturday night, GR2 hosted the opening of Visitors, a showcase of Theo Ellsworth's new work. The Portland, OR, artist is well-known for his indie comics (the outstanding Capacity is in its second printing), and we were excited to give him a chance to experiment outside the panels of a comic book and in color. We were also excited to give our audience and his readership the opportunity to see his work in person.

Ellsworth's art is geometric and organic, alien and human, odd and arresting. Often, his linework spills onto the matte and even frame, causing the viewer's eye to linger, to decipher where the art starts and ends.

Likewise, other works are inked onto cut wood, which literally jumps or flies onto the wall.

Cool artist, cool turnout. If you attended the opening, you know what we mean.

If you missed it, check out the photos below and keep an eye out on the GR2 site for more detailed images of the artwork. Thanks!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.