Paul Weller at the Wiltern

Paul Weller at the Wiltern

Last night's Paul Weller show was almost like a Giant Robot production team outing, with the Minister of Color Pryor, designer Wendy, and me, the production assistant (and my brother/GR contributor Greg and OG GR lounger Shammy coming up from San Diego, to boot). Nice, because we put a lot of work into GR68 and needed a break. If you read my blog, you know about my unhealthy obsession with the Modfather and all the band's he's been in, and read reviews of his shows as well. Last night's set was roughly 1/3 from his last two albums, 1/3 Modern Classics, a number of Jam songs, and a Style Council single and Marvin Gaye cover added for good measure.

Just a few things to note:

- The really fit-looking Weller sang without holding a guitar or sitting behind a keyboard more often than usual.

- Extra jammy version of “Into Tomorrow.”

- Dubby version of “Wild Wood”–more like Sly & Robbie than Portishead!

- After-75 minute set, which was heavily psychedelic and soulful, the band came out for two rocking encores, rounding it out to a full two hours.

The setlists:

Aim High /