Giant Robot 67 is here!

Giant Robot 67 is here!

I just realized that I've talked about a few highlights of the new issue, but have neglected to provide a proper rundown of its contents. The mag is already at many cooler stores and shops, and here's what's in it:

* Matt Furie cover story and FREE VIDEOGAME featuring his artwork

* Tricked-out big rigs in Japan

* HK filmmaker Daniel Wu vs. airsoft kingpins RedWolf

* Award-winning illustrator and comic book artist Jillian Tamaki at Comic-Con

* Old-school Chinese martial-arts actor Bruce Leung

* New-school Chinese comedic actor Huang Bo

* Indie rockers turned free jazz freaks Kite Operations

* Bollywood actor, producer, and stud Aamir Khan

* Len Higa of Oni Motorworks

* Chevy Ray Johnson is FlashPunk

* In isolation, at war with cancer

* Holiday in Mongolia, save Mongolia

* Plus totally opinionated reviews and previews of movies, music, comics, manga, anime, videogames, toys, books, and fiction (!)