Visits by myself, friends, and new friends

Visits by myself, friends, and new friends

There's a Method church that's mostly frequented by Japanese Americans just a few blocks away. I heard some amplified music and decided to check it out. I walk in and it's not terribly busy. It seems like families and friends of the congregation milled around, purchasing food, and being social. I heard towards the far end, and lo and behold, It's Bobby Kim. The first thing he said is, “no one ever sees me like this.” Holding the tongs, he's roasting hot dogs and onions and being that regular guy. That's what it's all about in the end. You can kick ass or not, but if you have to make the time to roast a hot dog.

I didn't realize, I was a fan boy wearing his shirt.

That's Sara Ogasawara. She's an artist living in Japan who went to school at UCI but never read GR.

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