The Binges at Bootleg Theatre

The Binges at Bootleg Theatre

Can't have it all. On one hand, I got to see my favorite band in L.A. playing on my side of town before midnight. On the other, the stage was so dim that it was impossible for me to take decent pics–not the GF1's fault but my own lack of photography fundamentals. But there are far worse problems to have, as I could put down the camera and absorb the hard-working, hard-rocking band's astonishing musicianship on their older songs and pay attention to the ripping new ones. I'm not sure if it was just the rawer P.A. (compared to places like the Viper Room) but the group's tone of rock seems to have shifted from the glam and gutter of the '80s to a slightly more grunge sound that recalls the tighter songs of Soundgarden. Awesome. Lead shredder Mayuko says that she's been out of her mind writing new songs lately so I hope the band follows up on their totally bitchin' debut with an EP or something. The Binges are so strong onstage that they could easily burn and self-distribute some new tracks straight off the mixing board to give us fans something to buy while waiting for another full-length effort…

Check out their live Amoeba set here. (For some reason I can embed images tonight. Trust me, they totally shred…) And extra thanks to bass master Tsuzumi for setting me up with a spot on the list!

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