An open letter to loyal readers, newsstand browsers, bookstore lurkers, coffee-table leeches…

An open letter to loyal readers, newsstand browsers, bookstore lurkers, coffee-table leeches…

Friend of Giant Robot:

The 67th issue of Giant Robot is at the printer and we're amped on it. If you're receiving this email, chances are you are, too. Tricked-out Japanese semis, one month in isolation, Mongolia mania, cover art by Matt Furie, and a free videogame (!) are only some of what's in store. But while we're always excited by our content, confident about our design, and grateful for our readers, the magazine does not circulate in a vacuum.

As you probably know, Giant Robot has been dinged by the escalation of shipping costs, unending shifts in the advertising paradigm, and shrinkage of distribution channels. However, we are evolving–and not dying–and by no means are we done with documenting, investigating, or cultivating Pan-Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid pop culture. In fact, we are more inspired than we were when our publication debuted in 1994, but we need your support more than ever as well.

If you have ever been turned onto an artist, a filmmaker, a band, or anything else by Giant Robot; if you have ever been featured, reviewed, or connected to something in its pages; if you believe the magazine helps to grow the kind of culture that you appreciate–please subscribe. And if you are already a subscriber, please consider setting up like-minded friends and families, local libraries and schools, or even businesses. We think you'll agree that 24 dollars is a small price for the ideas, aesthetics, and energy that six bimonthly issues of Giant Robot give to each reader.

You can subscribe at and check the status or update the address of your current subscription via subs[at]giantrobot[dot]com. (Thinking about advertising? Contact

Thanks for your support, hope you like the new issue, and can't wait for you to see the next one. It's coming up soon!


Martin Wong
Cofounder, Editor, Shitworker
Giant Robot