Post production

Post production

Production is tough but I love it. During the day at the office, there's a crew of people working instead of just me hacking in front of a computer. Then at night, I get to work with Wendy on design (after Eloise goes to sleep, of course). And it's always when we're the busiest that people seem to drop by the office: photographer Ben Clark, cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley, actor Daniel Wu, model Lisa S., musician Ryan Hui, musician artist Prodip Leung, musician Goh Nakamura, artist Dave Choe… There were more that came by during this issue's crunch time, and they all part of the GR familia so they understand if we're a bit frazzled. Below is Ken Wong (a.k.a. Monkmus), who contributes a comic strip to each issue. Linda's his wife.

Now it's bad to regular time–which is also busy time. Time to crank out press releases that I've been putting off, address a book project, finally reward our fundraiser friends, start new projects, and dig into GR68. By the time you see GR67, we'll be deep in that deadline because it's coming up fast.

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