Donutman Peach Donut run

Donutman Peach Donut run

It's always a journey to hit the Donutman in Glendora. Imagine, I'm on the westside, and it's a whopping 40 miles away. It's a special occasion when you go on a trip. Have good company, or go at it alone, like I have. Yes, I'm that way. While you sleep, I might be driving across Southern California for donuts. I'll eat them secretly like an addict. But this time, I was with newlyweds, Daniel and Lisa. Neither really like peaches, which is odd, since these are the best part of the Donutman, the peach! Here's a link to a previous blog photo that's a clear shot of what this looks like. The journey in a Prius works. 50 miles to the gallon? It's less than 2 gallons round trip! Here Daniel and Lisa pray to the Donut gods…

This is an odd pose by Daniel. Poor building.

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