Giant Robot 2 – Bryan Lee O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim signing

Giant Robot 2 - Bryan Lee O’Malley - Scott Pilgrim signing

The Scott Pilgrim, Bryan Lee O’Malley signing was first an honor to host, but also a behemoth of an event. Who knew the day would be so warm, and the crowd that came had to wait outdoors. We did buy water, but ultimately the strength of the youth came forward. In line, some played their own music. I saw a ukulele, and guitar, and people singing together. A love-in, in line? The line at first went straight down to Hide Sushi, then we snaked it around to fit in the gr/eats lot. Of course people were curious. Why so many people? Other shops were mad, the bar next door complained about a car parked wrong, but how many extra dollars did they earn from the hundreds of extra people around? We even had a couple of undercover officers who waited in line for a while and looked for people doing drugs or drinking beer. Of course, they said we were doing something wrong. But were we? Private lot, no blockage of the sidewalk, no extra noise, no beer, what’s the problem? Of course, they said we need a permit. But for what? That said, the event was packed. Bryan signed and signed and managed funny retorts to the many comments by everyone. He’s an incredible sport to handle so many people, all adoring fans, who love the comic and love the movie. The power of an indie graphic novel came forward and spoke volumes in West LA. This was only the beginning. The signing started at 5 and went longer until 7:30 and even then, it didn’t end. We had to cut some people off, but I told everyone to stick around. Bryan would be playing videogames and signing more.