On Sunday, my birthday came and went. At a certain point, they don't mean that much anymore, except on paper. Here's an example. Of all possible gifts, my driver's license expired which means, enjoying a long line at the DMV at some point soon. I've been clean behind the wheel for the last decade and now they want me to go in and replace my photo and take a vision test. A few asked what I did. In a nutshell I usually answer with, “it's was ok”. Lunch with parents, the tennis courts, and then dinner. Most replied with, “that's a great day” and it was. The true kick ass moment is seriously Facebook, Twitter, and even text messages. I'll guess I had about 300 best wishes come through the various social networking platforms. It started Asia time, Euro time, and then the East Coast, followed by the West Coast. My birthday, more powerful in cyberspace than in real life was lasted more like 36 hours, but then even today, it continued and the belateds came through. I'm not sure what's better: The perceived raging birthday via the internet vs the real thing which was relatively benign and much less congratulations. At this point, we're going to be living with both. I wish I knew how to bridge the gap.