Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower

At 2AM the idea of seeing the Perseid meteor shower came into mind. 40 minutes later, the Brothers Rios came over, picked me up, and were on our way. Los Angeles, at least the westside of it was covered in marine layer. It was grey, so the answer was to leave LA and get elevated. It's hard to see what I really got from these photos, but I brought a tripod and a cable release. I learned a few things about exposing photos of stars in the sky, and you can see the differences between some of the photos. But first, being out in the dark sky was amazing. The black sky, the stars, and when they shoot across the sky, it's amazing. About one every 30 minutes or more will light up the sky, but there's actually more than one a minute, sometimes, a few in a few seconds. You can see these photos larger on flickr.

I figured a frame of reference makes for a better photo than just stars in the sky. Afterall, you can get that anywhere. The bright lights in the background was a street light, and you can see trucks going over the 5 freeway.

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