Girls Against Boys (HK edition)

Girls Against Boys (HK edition)

Sadly, I don't travel as much as I'd like to, so I'm lucky that everyone seems to wind up in L.A. for one reason or another. Today I had lunch with three sets of friends (and one new one) who happened to be in town from Hong Kong at the same time: Newlyweds Dan Wu and Lisa S. who are in L.A. after the Las Vegas leg of their celebration; Ryan and Candace Hui who are in the States to attend a cousin's wedding in Idaho; Prodip and Amy Leung who are on their annual trip to visit relatives in California; and Lisa's model pal Ana. Yes, they're all friends. Talk about convergence.

Such a treat for me to get to hang out with everyone at once, and a hell of a lot easier that opening a gr/eats in Hong Kong…

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