Ben Clark, P.K. 14, Fugazi

Ben Clark, P.K. 14, Fugazi

My good friend and GR contributor Ben Clark came by GRHQ to have some lunch and set me up with some prints. He's been addicted to the darkroom lately, shooting on film and using fiber paper while he can. (Will it be discontinued?) One of the images was shot at the same P.K. 14 show that's seen in GR65. Similar angle and actions, but richer and deeper with more punk rock energy. Luckily, Yang jumped twice and Ben caught it both times.Ben actually wanted us to run the layouts in B&W, but we went with color…

He also brought over a bonus print of Fugazi at the Palace in 1999 (below, left). I didn't know Ben yet, but it's another show I attended. I know because I never missed a Fugazi show in L.A.–except for that first one at the Anti-Club and maybe that one in the desert… Damn, Fugazi was a great live band, never to be missed, and Ben captured the energy well.

Other pics in the stack included Unwound, RFTC, too many to count. Go to his site and check out some of his band pics. If you like one, ask him to print it. He's putting a lot of love into his printmaking, and you'll be stoked.

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