Comic Con booth behind the scenes

Comic Con booth behind the scenes

The booth may look fancy from a far, and even up close, it all looks great. But do you realize how much is packed into a 10'x20' space? It's 360 degrees around which means you need staff everywhere. There's goods stored under the tables, on the middle shelves, and there's even over stock in the vans we use to get down there with. Oh and there's cardboard boxes. All of what's not sold and everything we buy there needs to get packed up again. So here's a little tour of what you see and may not see.

From the booth we see things go on. We're watching you as much as you are watching girls in tights. We're also watching you as a possible thief.

We do get to say hi to friends. That's DJ Neil Armstrong on the left. My friend Emily on the right.

Even from the side, it looks like this. Just people standing around manning a booth and helping customers.

But then under the booth, people are eating!

Look at the size of the sandwich!

No food or drink can go on the top shelf! Drinks, food, lunch, juice, candy, and a fake bottle of JD. Yeah it's ice tea in there, but we want to look like Slash from GNR, so we have it around for photos.

Pringles are easy chips to eat in a booth. That's my camera bag on the left so I could shoot photos like these that will probably make some of you who are in them, mad.