Obits and The Night Marchers at the Echo

Obits and The Night Marchers at the Echo

Usually when I go to a show, I don't know anyone except for the person I go with–and often I go alone. But last night I was surrounded by a ton of friends who also wanted to see Obits and The Night Marchers. The bands share roots in San Diego that include Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork… For a lot of people who listened to punk, indie, garage, etc. (especially in the '90s) all of those bands are a big deal. Above, John Reis's new band is the Night Marchers. He was part of all three of the aforementioned groups as well as Rocket From The Crypt–possibly the greatest rock 'n' roll machine of all time. Halloween will never be the same without RFTC's annual costume parties (which also doubled as a birthday party for my brother Greg and me, since we were born on Nov. 1) but at least I got to see him crank out some blues-based blasts last night. As hard-working, honest, and infectious as ever, John is a true rock god.

The headliner was Obits, out of Brooklyn. Rick Fork (Froberg) is the main singer and guitarist. In Pitchfork, Jehu, and Hot Snakes, his more experimental guitar playing was a foil to the more rocking style of Reis. In Obits, there's more of a give-and-take between Fork the other guitarist, Sohrab Habibion (ex-Edsel, below). In contrast to The Night Marchers' nonstop barrage of guitar, Obits have a lot of space between the riffs, making a conversational and sometimes even surfy tone. Totally amazing to witness live–and the album totally rips, too.

Nope, no Hot Snakes tunes, but a super rad show nonetheless with two of my favorite musicians a ton of great new songs.

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