Boris at the Casbah

Boris at the Casbah

On Saturday night, I took a break from Comic-Con to catch Boris at The Casbah. How could I miss one of the favorite bands in one of my favorite venues? It was the Japanese psychedelic-doom-sludge-noise-metal band's first gig of their summer tour but they were as tight as ever. Yes, the unofficial fourth member Kurihara was there to lend his guitar wizardry. You can see him hiding in the shadows, below… Left to right: vegan skins pounder Atsuo, effortless ripper Wata, double-neck bassist Takeshi. All three sing.

The set was slightly more experimental than the previous tour, with a couple somber songs based on keyboard and effect mixed into the mostly heavy, heavy rockers. Wata sang not one but two songs.

One of the best live bands you'll ever see. Sorry all these pics are from the same angle, but I was parked close and didn't want to move. This is a band that I saw play for four or five nights in a row when I sold shirts for them and Damon & Naomi, and I'll never get bored of their blend of musicianship, concept, and all-out rock. Even better, I got to take my brother Greg and cousin Jimmy to see them for the first time. Too bad it was so late and the band was hiding out in their room so I couldn't introduce them or say hi.

I was thinking that after seeing them at such a small venue I'd pass on the larger and more expensive L.A. stop at the El Rey, but it will be hard to resist…

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