Giant Robot 66 is on the way

Giant Robot 66 is on the way

Giant Robot 66 is arriving at the Giant Robot stores today and tomorrow, and on its way to better bookstores, cooler newsstands, and loyal subscribers now. Yes, we will have the issue at Comic-Con!

Here's what's in it:

- A cover story on Scott Pilgrim comics creator Bryan Lee O'Malley

- Wrapping up Lost and looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 with Daniel Dae Kim

- Free time with North Korean political prisoner Laura Ling

- Free the Robots vs. The Glitch Mob

- Indie videogame creators Team Meat and Gaijin Games

- Beijing punkers from Wuhan, AV Okubo

- Hong Kong rocker/Son of Sam Ryan Hui

- Hong Kong artist Simon Birch

- On-the-ground rapper Michael Nhat

- Eric Cheng's eye of the diver

- Skate life photography by Dave Hoang

- Winter in Winnipeg with Maya De Forest

- Spring in Korea

- My Perfect Day in Spain with Brooklyn artist Dan-ah Kim

- Crayons, typewriters, and smiles

- I want my MSG!

- Plus totally subjective reviews on music, comics, books, anime, videogames, and more

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