Boris - Variations + Live in Japan

Boris - Variations + Live in Japan

I got a package from my friend Enju at Inoxia Records in Japan today: the new Boris–finally! This deluxe import package includes a selection of 13 hard-rocking “greatest hits” and bonus songs, including many cuts re-recorded with the full-time/part-time guitarist Michio Kurihara. The live part is a DVD that features the speaks-softly-but-carries-a-big-axe Kuri as well. If you're a fan, you already know you want it, so buy it from Inoxia or Aquarius or get it from the band when they come through the U.S. this summer. If not, I don't know what to say…

Above: Boris with Kurihara (foreground) in S.F. during the 2007 tour when I sold T-shirts for them and Damon & Naomi.

Appropriately, this came right after I finished watching The Limits of Control, the Jim Jarmusch movie with cinematography by Christopher Doyle and sountrack by Boris. Talk about an unlikely yet perfect dream team.

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