Arms and the man

Arms and the man

Due to players hitting the road, guys being relocated, and perhaps even the NBA Finals, the GR softball team was short some players on Thursday night so I was asked to be a sub. It's been a while since I was asked to not bring money for next season, but I'm not big on grudges. Making the appearance even cooler, big-time pitcher PK came out of retirement to take the mound, so I was tucked away in right field against a team of pull-hitting sluggers. Not that I was avoiding the ball; I tried to position myself to back up 1B and 2B on every play.

Left to right, the four GR pitchers together for the first time in ages: me (self-taught, highly unorthodox, really taxing delivery that sometimes works pretty well), Bill (current pitcher who split hurling duties with me during the first seasons including one collaborative shutout), Sean (ringer who joined GR early on because he liked the mostly undersized and Asian team's gutty attitude and backup junk-ball pitcher), PK (the high-arc master from the splinter B team).

GR lost, which never feels good, but it was nice to be part of the team again and I hit pretty well. See you on the field next time the usuals can't make it.

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