Dehara Yukinori afterglow

Dehara Yukinori afterglow

Hopefully, we'll put up the video that Martin shot of Dehara giving a passionate speech during his second sake toast where this photo originates. We don't do these often, but when a guy travels 1000s of miles to be here, it makes the night more special. We're not the gigantic gallery – which would ofter a different crowd and perspective, we're not a museum which would make this impossible, but we do have a sense of family that other places might not provide. That goes a long way. If we can keep doing this, it's worth doing forever. You can see opening photos here in transmissions.

Dehara and Kat. I'll bet Kat got a nice sketch out of him. Look at those smiles!

The Canon T2i does it again. Sharp. That's the Daibutsu – Golden Buddha. The Jizo has a deep meaning. I've written about it before. It's both historical and cultural, and although he brings it his way, it's more educational than 99% of the art out there. Lo and behold, people actually learned something by going to his art shows. His themes are deep and meaningful, while he messes with the norm.

Dehara can make effortless sketches and he did this for anyone who asked. That's Cate shooting a Twitter shot.

My… Dehara's fans have changed. It's not just the toy fan, but fans with bangs!