Kichijoji’s Inokashira Park has a few cats that like to hang out. I’m thinking that Japan definitely has a strong cat culture especially since they often appear in old woodblock art. I see cats roaming around quite a lot, and not too far away, people leave food out for them. Ayako Fujitani plays with the cat. Also in Japan, they cut tails off of the cat to prevent infection. I’m a bit unaware as to what kind of infection, but that’s what I’ve heard.

Overhead train! I did capture a train going overhead, but underneath the bridge is a stream, a bridge, and trees.
Oh my. That’s in the Thai restaurant in the park. It’s a rice omelet.
Another cat naps in the leaves.

You can walk along the bank of the stream. It looks like just one person is around, but there are others for sure walking their dogs and such.

The pink in the trees. It’s near the very end of the Hanami season. This couple found the last pink in the trees and took advantage. I’d give the guy a pound if it was all his doing.
Yes, the GR Digital still lives. I’m actually shooting these pics with a GX200!
Jizo protects the dead children. That’s why people dress them up and take care of him. When I saw this, I said, “keep protecting the kids.” I’d give him a pound too.
A train crosses over a bridge in the middle of the park. A train going through a park sounds bad, but it’s totally not.
Tyson Termintor with sneakers in hand. It’s a sneaker shop. The best thing is the sign.
I really like this poster. It’s done by a manga artist who lives in the area.
People are in line for a croquette. I hear it’s made with kobe beef.
Mogu art sold here.
The no smoking sign rules. No, I wouldn’t do it.
This shop was cool. Art gallery and indie products.
A cute teahouse
This is telling. Look at the wood and the divots that are carved in to make other pieces hold better.

The white building on the right was a tiny cafe facing the park below. I’m not sure if I could capture the cute stuff, but it’s ok.
A small park. I swear kids were blowing bubbles, so you’d see them flying around.
The rad donut shop. Organic and across from that cute mini park above. I like this little stretch of area.

Dreamgirls, then Man Ray. It’s rad when you see posters for artists like Man Ray. In LA, it’s street banners, but never advertisements like this in subways.
Hobbit door. It’s not because they’re short I’m hearing. It’s totally not.