Ayako and camera

Ayako Fujitani and her new old camera. It shoots 35mm and although film is a dying breed, this is a cool rangefinder. I think it’s called a bosley, but I’m no longer sure. Who’s going to preserve the film cameras as digital everything takes over? When will film just be cancelled? It’s all in the hands of the fans. Meanwhile, we went through Ueno area, and ate some yakitori.

That’s spanish mackerel pate!
It looks like I have a blonde mullet in this frame. That’s what it would look like with a neckwarmer. If I was Canadian, maybe. Not good. Now flip it to yourself. Imagine you with a blonde mullet. No! Don’t rock that. I wonder if the woman sitting behind me would have ever thought her hair would be used so well in the background of a photo.
Yakitori is always good. No… amazing.

Hand it over! This is what a public bath employee used to do way back in the day. If you want to take a bath, this guy lords over the entrance and peeps at the ladies changing.

The flowers are almost gone from the trees.
This is in Ueno park. It’s cool how there’s tons of vendors dealing up Japanese snacks.
Saigo Takemori in Ueno. I haven’t been to this park in perhaps more than 15 years. I’ll guess that’s a shiba inu.
This isn’t good.
This is good. It’s awesome how they sell great slices of fruit on the street. Too bad they have to use chopsticks, but the fruit was good. Thankfully, the chopsticks absorb water well, and the fruit sticks! Since fruit is pricey in Japan, you sort of don’t get to eat much of it, so when you do it’s refreshing.