Nakamura x3 at Columbia College – Mirai sushi

The Nakamura Trio. I’m Nakamura 1, Tad, 2, and Goh 3. This sounded like a joke, three guys who happen to have the same last name on a panel together, but guess what? It worked. We’re spread across different disciplines in a way that’s perfectly apart, yet similar in worlds that we actually mesh. We can answer the same questions in different ways, with our own experiences. I realize that Goh is all about being real and holding not too much back. I try and do the same. Tad meanwhile has a strong ethnocentric view without being boring – much like his films.

What an interesting poster! I wanted one, and they gave me one, then it disappeared. Hope I can find one, one day. Anyone at Columbia peel one off the wall for me?
About 50 or so came out. ASO Asian Student Organization came out in numbers.