Goh and Tim Chicago FAAIM

That’s Tim. We were on Vocalo.org radio which is an NPR show at89.5 Tim Hugh fights the good fight. That should go on the t-shirt bearing FAAIM – the film festival. While others need huge staffs, this fest gets done with the tiniest crew. I’ll guess that this has to be one of the indiest film fests in the Nation that’s been around for 15 years. This year, it’s been looking great.

One of the most easy going guys is Goh Nakamura. Give him a venue and he’ll play. In this shot, we’re 43 floors up doing a streaming concert. While people are stressing, Goh can always sit back with his guitar and just play. Most of us can’t do that. We stayed at a spot that overlooked Lake Michigan. It’s almost an ocean view but not quite. Look at the view we had.
That’s Goh doing his thing at the radio station. Mind you, he got rockstar and broke some gear in the studio there, but overall, he played a nice song.
That’s Tim and Helga.