Jawbreaker Weekend! Thoughts!

Imagine, we decided to have a listening party (sort of) for an album that’s 20 years old. No band appearance, although we got the band’s blessing, and we publicized it as much as we could in under a week. For a weekend, we’d play their music all day, and let people shop while they got to listen to one of the more important bands of punk rock history. We decided to have a contest, had prizes provided by the band, and the fans came out to all of the shops. The tattoos are amazing. So many people have them. We took photos and there’s even more to come. I saw the photo above, and it’s an artistic rendition of “Boat on a Hill” from a GRNY shopper – a great song! We’ll add more photos, and do something like again. I proclaim Jawbreaker Weekend – an Annual event at GR. This is sort of like a hug that we needed. For those of you who don’t know who Jawbreaker is/was/is, believe it or not, it’s not too late.

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