Giant Robot 64 - Transmissions work! Here’s Videocast 2 and photos!

Some of my time at Giant Robot is making content that goes on our respective pages that are all fed at Giant Robot Transmissions. This includes photos from the LA art shows, any video content, yes that’s me shooting much of it and cutting it as well. This is the fun part, but at the same time, the stuff I don’t necessarily want to lose out on, but little by little it happens. I hope to get more help on this soon, but for now, when you see it, know that I’m doing most of it among my other chores. It’s fun, but it has to get done quick. I put most of it on transmissions since they’re general Giant Robot stores or mag related type events. That’s my personal life too! Hope you enjoy them. There’ll be at least two more videos from issue 64 and more photos up soon! Here’s the transmissions link to see the video and photos that went up today!