Dustin Yellin

Samuel Freeman Gallery Bergamont Station. Art by Dustin Yellin. It almost looks like Body World, but this is art. It’s actually layer after layer of acrylic or glass and flat art on each level. Some are taken from computer modeling and some are hand painted. The pieces look like a 3d object frozen in ice in the end! The pieces are cool and costs in the five figures. Backlit, the above piece looked great. Here’s a link to the gallery.

These are life size pieces with insane detail.

Needless to say, this is a female.
Many of the pieces are nature related. Trees, flowers, and even animals, and collages!

You can’t help but want to look at the pieces from the side just to understand how the imagery is messing with your head. They’re flat, but they’re not!

I tried to shoot these at angles so you can see the layers. This one is the most obvious, and I think it was created to show the layers. Think you’ll buy a piece?