Fish and Chips + Sawtelle times.

Fried and fried. Fish and Chips gr/eats. Beer battered cod, so it’s actually light and crisp. The malt vinegar is a nice touch, and I ate this entirely with my hands. We’ve been running this special lately and it’s been quite fun to have. I can’t eat this one too often, but it’s good and filling.

Anne Matsushima and Alex Chiu doing the gr/eats. They do a bunch of indie projects, zines, art, and are making a collective of artist on the westside of LA. Motivated! They also dig doughnuts.
It’s that season. Cherry Blossoms on Sawtelle. It’s awesome how pink they are. I’d get out to the street this weekend to check on them.
A ton of images of Patchwork show at gr2. Tons of great art by great folks.