Film Fest and Yoshi’s in SF

Terence Yin and Daniel Wu have the sunglass thing going on near the Japantown Plaza. Terence Yin and Eugenia Yuan are in a film called Fog. I didn’t get to see the film yet, but it showed in SF for the film festival. This year, I wasn’t there for an official project as in the past, but instead, there was plenty more to do. Visits to GRSF, hanging out with tons of folks who are friends or who have helped GR, and more. I didn’t see any film festival folks however, I didn’t know where they were. At the same time, I feel like GR and the fest are far apart these days. Maybe we’ll close the gap one day.

Here’s an example of Automator’s music and towards the end there’s Emily Wells singing. She’s quite great and is part of a future project together.

Eugenia Yuan holding a pooch.
Patrick Lee doing the AnD merch section at Yoshi’s. Big smiles, and he should have one.