The Courts

The tennis courts… I step onto a court and some guy says, “are you good enough to play here?” He then he points a finger on my chest to slow me down from getting on the court. I tell him “don’t touch me” and he remarkably says, “I’m not gay!” I keep walking through it and I tell him, “I’m a terrible player.” I hear people saying, “don’t touch him.” I walked through it. Then while I was on the court just a few minutes later, the guy walks onto my court area and starts babbling or something (it wasn’t an apology) and I told him to leave my court with some expletives and then he kept coming forward. That’s when it got ugly seeing a bunch of people running around to stop this. Yes, he got pushed a couple of times, and I remember him saying, “you can’t say that to me, I’m going to call the police!” and then it was more mayhem. I just remember people holding me back, holding back my cousin, holding back that old man, and a lot of words. It turns out the guy has complaints against him. One person showed me a document that he filed to the police and park director from 2006 including the guys photos. That’s life on the public courts. It’s best to ignore it. Can you believe tennis can be like this? It’s honestly not worth this blog entry, sorry to waste your time.