Princeton Day 1

The plane ride was normal, until the white snow beneath. It’s probably nearly all melted, but NY had something like a foot of snow, but an hour away, they hardly got any. I’m at Princeton, NJ, and did my talk which was streaming on the net and went actually pretty well. It was a new talk and I worked it over many hours of image searching and more.

This is a Rockwell painting that’s hanging at the bar at the Nassau Inn. It’s an original and was commissioned long ago, and sits where it’s supposed to be. It might be the most expensive piece of art hanging at a bar. Someone should make a list.

Jimmy Stewart went to Princeton
Michelle Obama
Ralph Nader

Brooke Shields
Whoa! Patty and Karen, both of USC. They’ll all be mad that I took sneak photos.
Joon Lee RISD, teaches English to art school kids.

This is a closeup of a piece of stained glass at the museum on campus at Princeton. Dogs and deer, a great combination. The stained glass is hundreds of years old and it’s neat to see dogs depicted for some reason.

Jimmy. Everywhere I go, he happens to be in town. Japan, LA, and now Princeton. He too is a grad student, so he had some interest in being there, but bailed me out on an anime question from a student at the very end. Jimmy writes occasional reviews for GR, but the coolest thing? He set up an anime club for his fellow soldiers in Iraq when he was deployed there.