I’m speaking at Too Cute!

I’m speaking at a conference called Too Cute! at Princeton University. It’s going to explore Asian popular culture and more. I speak on Wednesday at 4:30pm and Yoshitomo Nara speaks on Thursday at 4:30pm. It’s supposedly all free and quite an honor. I’ve spoken so far at Harvard and Brown, so this will be Ivy school #3. This topic seems to come up annually in some form, and here it is for this year, but in a more academic setting. I hope I don’t disappoint, especially since myself and probably Yoshitomo Nara will be the lowest SAT scorers in the house. I’ll be working on my presentation over and over to get it decent. I’ve heard I get to do a Q and A as well, which is always fun.

Here’s the schedule pdf link and here’s a link to a news release.

Here’s a link to a previous blog post about a Nara art opening.

I wish I had a larger flyer to show you, but this is all I got.