The last

Poor shrimp! Ahhhh. They were on their last legs anyway. I swear I do more than eat when I go to Japan, this is just what happens at the end of the day, after running around, meetings, and so on. There’s this place in Nakameguro that’s sort of a new seafood type of place. It’s built to resemble a fish market, and I swear it would go up in flames in a minute if something went wrong. It’s all raw wood and there’s tons of it. This spot is close to the station and amazing. I went with the ladies from Dicokick jewelry.

Crab miso. Tasty with that quail egg.
That’s a tuna collar. It’s huge and might be the best part. Notice is cross over?
I’d like to see if anyone can make this pass in LA.
3 floors cavernous and cool.
This is the poo looking part of a sea snail. Look at the bling!
People in Japan can drink a lot! We were debating from where her outfit comes from.

Ping Pong Playas… There’s a secret underground spot in Nakameguro. It’s way off the street, and you have to know it’s there to know about it. Even the locals don’t know. The people who work there shred.

I’ve been hearing a bit about this place called Afuri. It’s a ramen place in Ebisu which is a great food town. It’s open until 4am, so it’s obviously a dry

That’s the simple kitchen. The cool thing is that they make great ramen and their clientele ranges from the dirty and drunk to the fashionable. They make shio (salt) ramen so it’s easy for anyone to eat.