From Eel to Chinatown again

That’s Nao below, he’s been here and there on this blog. But he took me to a place that has perhaps the most celebrated eel dish ever. It’s a small spot and they specialize in just eel. Nishimura… It’s well known. It even comes in a lacquer box. It’s amazing and not as sweet as what you’d get in the US, which makes it a lot more delicate and fresh. In the US, we get eel in a vacuum pack.

We’re a temple close by
That’s what the front looks like of Nishimura.

This is Kohei and he’s got a car. We took a nice drive to Yokohama – Chukagai

We walked by Fukken Ro. The greatest street ever. It’s name is to the point.
Then ate at a tiny Chinese place. I want to say tiny and dirty, but Chinatown in Japan is clean as can be.