Biennale Take Down -Souther Salazar and Albert Reyes

That’s Souther sitting in the cubby hole next to his pieces. While it’s slightly sad that the show is over, and it’s on to the next, it’s also great to see people stop in to take down their work, or in Souther’s situation, to photograph it all. It’s sort of like the party that wanted to keep on going. We need to figure out how to get that done for next time.

It’s amazing what you can do with scraps of wood, Sculpey, and nails.

Souther Salazar Interview

Perhaps the most gracious person in the show was Albert Reyes. He took down his work in a matter of minutes and off he went into the smog. He’s holding up Winona Rider. She’s quite great in my opinion. But what is the Matt Furie text in the background mean?