Scion Installation 6 - Me an Artist?

It’s a rare thing for me to be invited to do something as an artist. It’s maybe my first except something that I’ve done for GR shows, which sort of doesn’t count. I don’t have the nerve to say I’m an artist, although I think the title is used quite liberally. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of “artists” who aren’t artists. Yet, I was gifted this title for the Scion Installation 6 exhibition which is all about video. I’ve blogged about the process before and I worked with Saelee Oh on my project. The opening was spectacular in a way. I pull up later 8:45 ish and there’s actually a line to get in. Here’s a link to the blog post.

People are hanging out talking and watching the projections on the walls. This isn’t the most exciting of an art show, in the end, since the videos repeat and repeat, it’s hard to give your full attention to a single project. But people seemed happy, and I think on this day and in this time, people are looking for things to see for free. This ended up being decently fun. I didn’t know most of the people, and most had no idea that I did something here, but oh well, I’m thankful that people came by. Our piece is undoubtedly the cutest piece and maybe the shortest at a minute, but I heard a nice report that kids were playing with the animated bubbles! I think the music by Goh Nakamura really makes this project cohesive.
We were interviewed for the Scion site and for Current TV.

Here’s a big ass group shot. Some are artists and some are their friends. I’m actually in this photo as an artist. Strange.
That’s me and French. It’s nice to see French again. He’s a great lad from Croydon. He told me that I was the first to bring him to America when I put him into a show at Scion. Since then, I think he’s come a half a dozen times and has done plenty of projects with them. He’ll have a few pieces in out Metal Mad show at GRNY.

That’s Len and Michelle. Len is from Hawaii and is a great guy. Behind (or in front in this case) of a good man, and a nice lady. Len makes rad cars. Onimotorworks.