Black Vans

Given a certificate way long ago when I did my Vans interviews (They’re on Youtube and I linked it below), it’s no surprise to me that I made all black shoes. It’s the default when you start designing them. I changed a few things and made them black too and that was it. Boring Vans. At the same time, I tried a few combos of black and red, and multi colors. I almost opted for a blue and red pair which was always a great classic, but maybe next time. In the end, yes, black vans. I’ll wear this color combo the most. The red logo in the back is still a classic. Vans are nearly a tradition in footwear, especially if you’re in Southern California. Believe it or not, I was never a huge fan as a kid. I think it came from the trauma of having a bootleg version of the slip-ons and being made fun of at school. The copy versions were a bit cheaper and actually easier to access, but you were the butt of any shoe joke possible. So today, I have real vans, and all of the rip off brands from way back got reincarnated x 10. So many brands make slip-ons that look just like Vans. The main difference is I doubt you’ll get made fun of for wearing them.