Closing the Biennale Event

It’s been a good ride, and it’s almost done, but not until this event takes place. It’s in a week. Thursday the 21st, 5-9pm although I know security will be shuffling people out at 8:45pm. We’ll have this rad band, The Binges play and DJ Puffs will also spin records (some of you remember her from the GRXScion Papershapers show). A bunch of the artist will come out and hopefully you will too. I don’t know of the exact schedule yet, but we’re putting this one together as you read this. So, keep up with my blog or watch or even Facebook. I’ll link the invite for sure.

Another cool little piece of trivia that someone reminded me of today was that Juxtapoz rated the Biennale #96! Common folks! Geez that’s a diss. The readers rated us No. 1. vote YES for the show.