Tennis new year Bonenkai

Tennis Bonenkai… funny because it’s sort of a year end party where you and your friends get together drink, eat, and sort of end the year and start a new one. I do play tennis more and more of late. This is the crew I play with some of the time. They do this in Japan in almost every industry and that’s why there are so many people out in late December. Above is Takashi and Cousin Jon. Takashi is a sushi man.

That’s Hiro and Yuki who’s on the phone. Both are leaving back to Japan.

Osada looking faded. He went from Volleyball or skiing and now plays tennis.

That’s Yuki again. The photobomb in the background is funny. That guy sat with his eyes shut most of the time looking like he was sleeping, but he’d respond to comments like he was wide awake.

We hung out at Wakasan in West LA until it closed at 2am