Chinatown Japan

The irony. Everywhere you go, a Chinatown awaits and the same guy who built the first one, is still alive building them. Here’s his famous gate. Notice how he varied and went with blue this time. Perfect for Yokohama, Japan. Of course it’s ironic since here’s a Chinatown with in a Japantown. It’s a tourist trap, and where there’s tourists, the food quality usually goes straight down. It’s like dumbing something down. But not here. The food is actually unlike what you get in a typical Chinatown tourist area. It’s good. We’ve been duped.

People don’t hesitate to show what they serve in Chinatown Japan, even though PETA would be pissed off. I can’t say that shark fin is my favorite, but clearly, it’s a selling point. If monkey brain was people’s favorite, you’d see heads and brains displayed everywhere. It’s also weird how shark fin looks like a baby bib. Maybe they should try baby bib soup instead. What else does shark fin look like?

1) a costume beard. 2) a strange sexual device for men 3) yolkless egg 4) mini Xmas tree bottom 5) Smurfs apron

The one thing he didn’t do is make this eggroll. You’d think Chinatown eggrolls are the same frozen and then deep fried item, but no think again. In this place, it taste different and isn’t the same beat up concoction of cabbage. I can’t begin to tell you the name of this place since it’s only in Japanese or is it Chinese?, but it’s off the main strip.


shrimp and garlic sauce

fried rice

shark fin soup

This is the main street. It was nice and packed.
The Chinatown is clean and well kept as compared to what you see in New York or LA.
Tons of bao are everywhere.

Since I can’t read it, here’s the spot. It’s owned by a friend of my friend, moshi moshi Sadatoshi, who’s pictured above.