Masakatsu Sashie

That’s how large that painting is. It’s taller than me. An amazing exhibition just ended at Mizuma art. All the works sold. If you’re interested in any of his work, hit me up. We still have some left! I’m impressed at Sashie’s progression. Yes, he’s still doing the orbs, yet he’s definitely taken steps to do work that’s not orbital, yet it’s just as great. That ship is amazing. It has a theme of pachinko and ships if you look at the details.

I like this night piece. The orb is bright and gamer like, but the background on this one is as nice as ever – that’s when you know he’s progressing. I’m as into the background than the orb.

This piece is giant. Same as the ship piece.

A detail from the work below. I love the tiny size.

Is this part touchable?

The show took a bit to get to, and it wasn’t huge, but it was impressive as can be. My friends agreed.