From art to music

This is what a WIP painting can look like if you’re Mr Jean. It’s a 3 panel piece, and it’s pushing his style far along. It was allegedly finished a few days ago, but it’s growing and growing as time passes. Mr Jean is playing the piano at right. Coldplay and the Transformers soundtrack song.

This is low budget music making, but I guess it works. David Choe dons the buckethead look.

That’s a bad pic of this band of dudes called Camp Freddy who played the Roxy. Although they are this mega rockstar club band featuring Travis Barker, Dave Navarro, and a ton of other stars who get together and jam and play covers, I can’t say it’s my thing, and being backstage in a tiny room with a ton of these dudes was an uncomfortable as it can get. But for a little while, I saw them play Spoonman by Soundgarden fronted by a woman who goes by Queen V. I would link a youtube video, but in the end, my memory of it was better than the video. Chester from Linkin Park sang a couple of songs, Smashing P and Janes Addiction. He’s sort of a Zelig and seems able to adapt his voice well. There’s plenty of video online of the many guest singers and players. Watch it at your own risk.