Dinner time using the Cuisinart grill

No, I’m not a chef. I hack and try. But some people can rock it. That’s what yakitori can look like. It’s not just chicken though, it’s a mix of many tasty foods. Pork wrapped asaparagus on the far end. The shittake mushrooms were incredible. Imagine having your tastebuds satisfied from one mushroom. It works like that.

That’s Chikuwa with nori and cheese.
Ever seen chikuwa inside out and flipped sideways? I bet you haven’t.

This is a crazy salad. A recipe handed down. It looks simple and I think it is, but the right mix makes it work. There are noodles underneath.

Pork covered tomato.
This one is insane.

My friend, Spam musubi.

That’s chef Eriko and Mitch Mitchell holding a camera. I guess he eats like this daily.