Bangals and Dave’s.

THURSDAY at store opening David Horvath’s Biennale Dave’s on sale in all stores LA, SF and NYC and online 12 noon PST.
FRIDAY Le Merde Biennale Bangals on sale in all stores LA, SF and NYC and online 12 noon PST.

Keep checking back on the art pieces. It’s most likely Monday for the Ledavhara originals.

I shouldn’t have to explain any of this, but there’s a strong segment who are very clueless as to how a museum show works, and for good reason, how often does anyone get to do anything at a museum? Not often. So let me try to explain.

I saw a someone addressing JANM not being able to sell the art because it’s not for profit. I know there were some of you who were miffed that you couldn’t buy the original pieces right out of the case. Sorry! Here’s an explanation: imagine if you went to MOCA and saw a price tag on a Picasso, a Renoir, or a Basquiat? Can a museum use their advantage of getting public funds and enjoying the tax benefits of being a non-profit and using their gigantic walls to bring up the value of art in order to sell it and even a higher price? That would be unfair.

So, why is it that Giant Robot can sell it? 1) We’re not a non-profit. 2) The art that’s there displayed does not belong to the museum, it’s not part of a permanent collection. 3) At the Takashi Murakami show at MOCA, some of the art was property of Blum and Poe. It’s for sale. 4) Sign up list? What’s the difference between a list and taking people’s business cards? We did blast the information that art would be available at a later date. Join our list.

Can a museum have a gift shop? I don’t know the ins and outs exactly, but the gift shop is also part of their business. Even if it’s not for profit, museums can have gift shops. Even if it’s non-profit, people who work there still need to be paid. The gift shop had Dave’s and Bangals for sale.

That said, I do hope you check out the show, etc. It was a lot of work-more than just producing a new toy. This is about pushing the medium and such in a much higher institution than a store website or even a gallery. This show is up three months and will do a lot for vinyl figures. If I were the typical business person, this would only be a toy sale and only online! This is much more than that and it’s something that Giant Robot helped put together. So let’s be calm and enjoy what’s there. Ask questions if you have them.