SDAFF - One year passes so quick.

Another year goes by and it’s the SDAFF again. I’m there tomorrow through saturday. If it’s anywhere as fine as it was before, then I’ll be in good shape. The SD fest is a bit different than the other Asian / Asian American film fests. It’s run with an iron fist by one woman, Leanne Kim, and has a distinct air of pseudo celebritydom in an Asian American way, but at the same time is definitely small and family feeling. You get both. I’ll do a run down one day of how all of these fest relate to each other. But not now! I’ll be blogging and doing the Twitter thing from SD. My efforts are for the Toyota Directors Chair website and program. In the end, Toyota is doing something great for these fest especially in a down trodden year. Not one person can say anything bad about it, unless they’re willing to cut a fat check. Bottom line, enjoy it or stay at home. Here’s my post from last year.