Indie games? Check out IndieCade! Although most of the games are really cutting edge, they’re almost too cutting edge and bordering on fine art. Some are genius in game play, some in concept, and some utilize hardware better than others. It’s a juried exhibition and there are panels and more. I saw it referred to as a Sundance festival for games. No. That’s total crap. It’s more like an art fair but with games, and much less product as compared to an art fair. Yet, it’s really great work and fun to see.

This game, you design the levels that you jump on with paper, pen, and a camera than scans it all in while you sit there. Then you have to play it.

This isn’t a videogame. Yet, it’s actually quite deep. You wouldn’t know it until you play it… It’s about the holocaust.

Adam and Brandon.

Keita Takahashi from Katamari. He draws characters and shapes on the sidewalk.

This is just weird. I think he drank too much and fell down.

This dude created a fun iPhone game. I solved it and got the toughest result. Victory. He seemed somewhat surprised.