1997 Revisited "Asian American New Wave" Revisited Podcast

We dared to re-shoot the 1997 photo. I think the prize goes to Michael on the upper right. Look at his face on both. Amazing. 1997-2009. 12 years have passed and honestly, I didn’t have enough time with everyone and it actually would have been nice to talk a little bit longer. It really was important, but honestly, at 20 minutes our panel was much too short. I left it all very unsatisfied. I think there were plenty of questions that could and would have been asked, and it would have been nice to hear from everyone about them. What little we did talk about was interesting, but just barely scratched the surface.

In case you don’t know. That’s Chris Chan Lee, Justin Lin, Rea Tajiri, Myself, Quentin Lee, and Michael Aki. The rest of the photos are just some images from the green room, right before we went up there.

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